Low quality culture CBS welcomes Joe Benigno back to WFAN to talk muffs

Joe Benigno is back on WFAN today. Can't comment on the lawsuit and all that other stuff. But did talk about that muff.

Meanwhile, Bill George - former Medtronic chairman and CEO and current professor at Harvard Business School - joined 'Squawk on the Street' to discuss CBS after CEO Les Moonves resigned after even more sexual misconduct allegations, why the board was late to replace him, and what Moonves could be seeing as exit compensation.

Porter Bibb says CBS has 1/2 a dozen lawsuits against it claiming board knew of sexual harassment by employees.

And Joe Benigno is back, bro! Gregg Giannotti has to be thrilled. (Every single impersonation of Joe Benigno by Gregg Giannotti ends in some commentary on a women's ass.)

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