NFL Monday Night Football ratings lowest in TWELVE years & lowest opening Monday ratings ever

Guess former NFL fans don't want to watch a scumbag sitting during the national anthem. ‘Monday Night Football’ scored its lowest ratings since 2006 this week, a 7 for Raiders / Rams, and its lowest combined ratings for an opening night MNF doubleheader ever, 14.5.

The Jets’ 48-17 annihilation of the Detroit Lions drew a 7.5 overnight Nielsen rating — down 4 percent from a 7.8 rating for the TV franchise’s early game a year ago.

The Los Angeles Rams’ 33-13 win over the Oakland Raiders earned a 7 rating — the same as the opening late game in 2017.

Their combined 14.5 rating, however, represented the lowest opening Monday for “MNF.”

The only opening overnight lower than the 7 recorded for Monday’s Rams-Raiders matchup was a 6.8 rating in 2007, when the San Francisco 49ers eked out a win over the Arizona Cardinals.

Keep letting that beached whale sit, Roger. And recall that last year's 7 was while Florida was evacuated.

Boycott these NFL sponsors until it cleans up its flag act (NIKE...)

[Richard Morgan]

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