NJ Congressman Lance & Gottheimer embarrassed themselves on CNBC calling on individual tax breaks to end

Rep. Leonard Lance (R-N.J.) and Rep. Josh Gottheimer (D-N.J.) went on CNBC's Power Lunch today. Here's the summary:

Josh wants YOUR individual tax cuts to go away.
Lance agrees.

Gottheimer whines that New Jerseans in his out of control state can't deduct all of S.A.L.T from the feds. Why is that an issue? The average property tax bill in the area he reps, Bergen County, is a whopping $24,000.

Lance agreed.

A family with a $24K property tax bill is not middle class.

Both clowns were upset that the IRS ruled that Governor Murphy's proposed scam to defraud them of tax monies by creating sham 'charitable deductions.' Both propose wasting more NJ money by taking them to court.

NJ economic growth won't sustain Murphy's socialist agenda adding pressure to further raise taxes on NJ citizens -- while these two clowns embarrass themselves on cable tv. ANOTHER reason Bob Hugin must defeat Bob Menendez.

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