Rep Hensarling kills the FakeNews New York Times -- shocking CNBC's NYT lackey Andrew Ross Sorkin

CNBC's Andrew Ross Sorkin got his panties in a bunch reading a Donald Trump 'FAKENEWS' tweet to Texas Congressman Rep. Jeb Hensarling. Sorkin, a failing New York Times columnist didn't expect the reply he got from Hensarling.

"...we may have reached a new low in journalism...although I don't really know it's journalism..." The Rep continued, "I gotta examine the source. Personally I've tuned out the NY Times years ago..."

Bam! Let's watch that gulp outta Sorkin just one more time.

Same dope who an hour earlier asked, "Why does any question of morals have to come back to Bill Clinton?!"

Because...yeah. Crazytown: The Deranged Democratic Left.

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