Tesla's Elon Musk smoking weed & drinking whiskey with Joe Rogan despite TESLA's drug policy

Tesla's Elon Musk went on the Joe Rogan podcast yesterday. Smoked week and drank whiskey. (Musk drinking whiskey and making s'mores better than the weed video.)

Dude looks a lot like Caitlyn Jenner.

So now you may ask - Does TESLA drug test? The answer is, yes. Yes they do.

As part of TESLA’s employment screening process, any applicant TESLA Industries, Inc. to whom an offer of employment may be made must pass a test for controlled substances, under the procedures described below. The offer of employment is conditioned on a negative test result. Applicants will be informed of TESLA’s drug testing policy in the employment application.

And once hired? Annual Testing...

Employees in the position(s) of (Electronic Technician(s) / Repairer(s), Sub -Assembler(s), Machinist(s), Machine Shop Operator(s), Laborer(s) and Manager(s)) will be required to submit to annual drug testing, under the procedures described below. The testing will be scheduled by the Human Resources Department and will occur in the employee's company anniversary month. If an employee refuses to cooperate with the administration of the drug test, the refusal will be handled in the same manner as a positive test result.

Reasonable Suspicion Testing

If an employee occupies a designated safety-sensitive position and his or her supervisor or manager has a reasonable suspicion that the employee is working in an impaired condition or otherwise in violation of this Guideline, the employee will be asked about any observed behavior and offered an opportunity to give a reasonable explanation. If you the employee is unable to explain the behavior, he or she will be requested to take a drug test in accordance with the procedures outlined below.

If the employees refuses to cooperate with the administration of the drug test, the refusal will be handled in the same manner as a positive test result.

Acknowledgment and Consent

Any employee subject to testing under this policy will be asked to sign a form acknowledging the procedures governing testing, and consenting to (1) the collection of a urine sample for the purpose of determining the presence of alcohol or drugs, and (2) the release to TESLA Industries, Inc. of medical information regarding the test results. Refusal to sign the agreement and consent form, or to submit to the drug test, will result in the revocation of an applicant's job offer, or will subject an employee to discipline up to and including termination.


All drug testing records will be treated as confidential.

For more information on TESLA’s Drug and Alcohol Policy, see Employee Handbook.

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