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The Truth About The My Pillow Commercial Guy Mike Lindell

Do you wake up feeling tired in the morning? Are those mornings ruined by phantom headaches, a stiff neck, and "a tingly feeling" in your fingertips? If so, you may have spent one too many sleepless nights watching MyPillow infomercials.

And who can blame you? After all, they're nearly impossible to avoid, as according to CNBC, MyPillow creator Mike Lindell has spent more than $100 million on them. But it seems to have paid off, as by 2017, MyPillow was reportedly raking in more than $300 million a year in revenue.

But how much do you actually know about Lindell? It may all sound like a crazy fever dream when you learn the amazing truth about the MyPillow commercial guy...

He was a crack addict. He thinks MyPillow was an act of God. Is he a bad, bad boss? Trump says Lindell makes a 'great' pillow...

We have MyPillow pillows and a MyPillow mattress topper. The pillow has a 50% approval rate here...we all like the topper (though, at nearly 300 bucks one can probably find a NEW MATTRESS for close to its price and one can surely find another topper that's thicker and potentially cheaper to boot).

The audio of Mike Lindell dropping f-bombs and ranting at MyPillow employees has really been scrubbed. Here's some highlights:

The incident "was 2½ years ago, three years ago," Lindell told StarTribune four years ago. "They're taking it off. Our lawyers are getting it removed from YouTube. We're investigating it."

Lindell said he believes two former employees and relatives — including one to whom he is related no more — were responsible for recording the embarrassing audio of the television infomercial star.

What caused this meltdown?

"I don't know. That was three years ago. Might have been five years ago," said Lindell.

In one clip I heard Lindell ranting, as you'd expect a businessman to do, over a problem with 150,000 orders while employees were sitting around instead of working.

"Don't shake your [expletive] head," Lindell says to a woman.

In the more colorful clip, in which Lindell is in full F-bomb tantrum, the woman (whose voice I did not recognize) is clearly not threatened by the boss' behavior.

"Omigod, you're [expletive] crazy," the female voice says to Lindell.

Lindell said the two clips I heard were "100 percent from the same incident." The tipster who provided my clips wrote in one e-mail's subject field: "his behavior daily in our office."

Lindell told me he no longer acts this way at the office. Lindell said MyPillow no longer employs the human resources executive I met at its Chanhassen HQ a year ago. "We have a company now that we employ [for HR]," he said. I told Lindell he needed to send himself to HR.

"Yeah, yeah yeah," he said with a weak laugh.

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