Biased NJ 'reporters' like Dustin Racioppi look to bias voters against Bob Hugin...

Dustin Racioppi is 'Statehouse reporter for The Record and' -- so why is he retweeting biased pro deranged Democrat tweets like 'Guy who's spending $27 million of his own money on the race says Democrats are trying to buy the election…' by biased Ryan Hutchins?

Because he's yet another in a long list of fake news idiots. Check out his 'NJ Senate 2018: Trump, corruption dominate only debate between Bob Menendez and Bob Hugin' garbage. He writes, "Menendez, seeking a third term in the Senate, portrayed Hugin as a cold and greedy tycoon who would act as a rubber stamp for the deeply unpopular president. Hugin, the former pharmaceutical executive who’s never held elected office, presented Menendez as corrupt and ineffective after having been indicted in 2015 on corruption charges that ended in a hung jury last year."

The Unpopular President. To whom? To idiot deranged lefty Democrats, that's who. Keep your opinion out of purported news stories.

In a related note from the same day, batshit crazy News 12 NJ anchor Della Crews last night flippantly said, "Donald Trump has advocated violence in the past."

Where? When?

Bullshit local media as bad or worse than national fake news.

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