Gregg Giannotti further outs WFAN's Evan Roberts as a fraudulent MyPillow pushing liar

We only typically watch the first segment of WFAN's Boomer & Gio show because Esiason can't not say 'at the end of the day' and 'and all that other stuff' enough, John Sterling clips are unlistenable, and Jerry Recco is just unlikable. We switch over to Bernie & Sid on the Alexa stream. But that may end soon. WABC Radio's advertising IS SO BAD that we've been forced to shut Bernie & Sid off.

1st the quality -- Ageless Male? Invite Health? Credit Associates?! -- is followed by an incredibly offensive repeat ratio. (Like 5 plays every 10 min.) So we shut it down today and caught Gregg Giannotti (no, not painting Joe Benigno as a perv with a clever new impersonation...guessing that's off limits now) further implicating Evan Roberts as a fraudulent MyPillow pushing shill. (Roberts has outed himself in the past...yet the ads continue.)

Today Gregg reports, "Evan doesn't sleep. He's got this thing on his wrist that measures how much he sleeps...he hasn't slept more than an hour all week. That's crazy. It's not healthy."

It's called a Fitbit GG. A Fitbit.

It's also fraud when you run an ad in which you claim, "MyPillow can help you sleep. I sleep like a baby with mine."

MyPillow knows FTC and BBB problems. This won't help.

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