Piece of garbage Giants backup QB Kyle Lauletta better be suspended & jailed after gunning engine AND nearly clipping cop

Piece of garbage Giants backup QB Kyle Lauletta better be suspended & jailed if this account of what he did to cops working a dangerous section of road in Weehawken is true.

Lauletta was in his 2017 Jaguar when he allegedly made an illegal turn onto Route 495 West at the congested Pleasant Avenue approach.

A traffic officer had directed the gridder to continue straight on — but Lauletta allegedly ignored him and stepped on the gas, nearly striking the officer, cops said.

When he was stopped by a second officer, he refused to produce his driver’s license and registration or get out of his car.

Lauletta was arrested on a slew of charges, including eluding police, obstructing administration of law and resisting arrest.

He also faces motor vehicle offenses of reckless driving, disregarding an officer’s directions, improper turn in a marked traffic lane and failure to remain in a marked lane.

Police said Lauletta pulled the same stunt the day before at the busy intersection but wasn’t stopped. He will be issued summonses for that infraction through the mail.

He GUNNED the car. That's not a mistake. That's attempted murder.

And Boomer & Gio guffawing over this is almost as f*cking stupid.

Earlier this year in something called 'The Wake Up Call' Kyle Lauletta told Kirk Cousins he's always calm...

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