President Trump stumps in Illinois despite 34 shot in Chicago's Halloween weekend gun violence

31 people wounded and three others killed in Chicago shootings since Friday night

Gun violence surpassed last year’s total of 2 killed & 28 wounded from shootings during the 'holiday' weekend...

President Donald Trump went ahead with a campaign stop Saturday afternoon in downstate Murphysboro Illinois despite 34 victims shot (3 dead) in Chicago during the Halloween 'holiday' weekend. "Illinois is such a special place," Trump told the cheering crowd.

"Hundreds of Illinois steelworkers are back on the job," he said. "Your steel industry was dead as a doornail, but now it's doing great."

The Daily Herald reports:

People crowded in front of the stage, standing for hours waiting for Trump to arrive, not tiring or getting impatient. The back of the hangar was open, and all the people who couldn't get into the rally directly were allowed to press up against the gates.

Trump said he considered canceling his southern Illinois trip and his earlier stop at the National FFA Organization conference in Indianapolis because of the synagogue shooting, but he said he ultimately decided "we can't make these sick, demented, evil people important."

"The era of economic surrender is over," he said.

Meanwhile, Trump campaigned generally for Republicans nationwide.

"The choice for every American this November is between resistance and results," he said.

He called the 2018 election "the election of common sense." "This election is about borders and about jobs," he said.

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