Rather than tell you the number of subs on his failed app -- Mike Francesa puts the ovah undah at 1000

Nick Ramos writes up, "Here’s Mike Francesa ripping NY Post sports media writer Andrew Marchand Wednesday over his reporting for how few people subscribed to the failed Mike’s On app. Mike said that Andrew reported that the app had only 300 subscribers, to which Marchand denied. Fat Mike would then challenge him to come to the studio along with NY Post lawyers the next day to verify how many subscribers there are & if it’s more than 1,000 subs, Andrew would have to donate $10,000 for each subscribers over that number to the charity of Mike Francesa’s choosing. If it's less, Mike will give $10,000 for each less than 1,000."

Got that? A) The Post did not say 300 subs. B) Why jump from the made up 300 to 1000? C) Subs v paid subs... and D) Phil Mushnick has called on fatty to sue him for years so pot - kettle

All publicity is good publicity unless said publicity is the failed host of the failed app talking about the failed app via video on the failed app.

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