Xfinity triple play deals existing customers is an autocomplete champ for a reason

Xfinity / Comcast triple play deals existing customers is an autocomplete champ for a reason. Stick with a car insurance company long enough you're awarded with accident forgiveness or some other loyalty perk. Stick with Comcast? No so much.

Been with Comcast for 30 years and in 2 year Comcast contracts for over a decade. Every 2 years when the old the promotion is expired we are given the newest options and typically can just about remain at the same value (and not impact Comcast's churn rate...)

This year our TV, 250mb internet, and phone jumps from $159 to $184 ($226 with taxes, fees, modem rental). The only promo close is the 'Super Triple Play.' TV loses six channels (including TruTV), adds Netflix, and jumps to the Gigabit internet.

A) Sadly we love and watch a lot of TruTV...but we'd do it if the value was good.

B) Don't subscribe to Netflix but if the value was good - don't mind just having it sit there. (Don't really watch Starz, The Movie Channel, et al. now either so...)

C) Would take the upgrade in internet speed

Here's the BIG rub. The Super Triple Play has been offered for $149 to new customers with a $100 visa card and free installation. For us, customers for 30's $179! (Almost $199 after the main cable box at $2.68, the Digital Transport Adaptor (DTA) at $5.99, and the Comcast cable modem at $11.00 a month. And that's before taxes and fees.

We've had 3 over the phone conversations about the possible new plan (trying to dot all i's, etc.) Last 3 Qs were, "So you'd send out a self-install package on the modem with a label to send this one back?"

A: "No, due to the difference in speed (250 up to the 1,000) we have to have a tech do the install in order to make sure you get close to the advertised speed."

OK, fine.

Q: "You don't charge the $40 fee on that visit, right?"

A: "No, we do."

Q: "OK, can you waive that?"

A: "No, not at this time."

Correct - for established long term customers it's $40 bucks for a tech to come out to install the new modem!

So we would lose a channel we like, pay more than a newbie, and have to kick out $40 for the pleasure. $15 per month more base, $21.01 more per month year one as the equipment fee is back + factoring the install fee - before reverting to roughly $17.68 more per month in year 2 than what we've been paying the past several years for nothing we would voluntarily add new wise -6 channels to boot? Before the slightly higher taxes - that's roughly $464 more in 2 years. $464 more to lose channels and add yet another we're not going to use just to stay put and not impact Comcast's churn?

To make this worse - the Comcast CSR in costumer solutions that we spoke to last week lied when we said we watch TruTv. She said, "Impractical Jokers?" And when we said yes she know they're on the CW, too.

They are not.

Sorry as we really like the X1 & the internet is quite fast -- but we also note the number of Xfinity ads still running and imagine Comcast's CAC to be North of $500. ($1200 for wireless)

Based on social media chatter it seems that this promo may not be popular with oldies like us -- not to mention...Xfinity / Comcast triple play deals existing customers is an autocomplete champ for a reason. (And did they roll out 'Xfinity' to help muddy Comcast's old customer service reputation online?

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