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19 somewhat clever ways to use eggs

- Repurpose eggshells into cute candles. Place a wick inside each egg and add the melted wax to the eggshell. If you want color candles, use a wax crayon as a pigment. Voila!
- Find out unusual uses for eggshells instead of throwing them away! Use eggshells and salt to clean a burnt cooking pot
- Eggshells are excellent pots for seedlings. When your plants outgrow their temporary homes, place them in eggshells into the soil
- We share with the most effective and easy ways to organize your drawers using egg trays.
- How to determine an egg’s freshness
- And how to get that perfectly peeled egg each time?!

And, at 5:11 - you can teach your kids to grow a bit of grass.

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