Gregg Giannotti eviscerated Mike Francesa as a narcissistic, miserable, insecure bully

Mike Francesa told Gregg Giannotti he doesn't watch the show but that he should stop with the impersonations of him.

And Gio killed him for it. Deep down personal killing: "He's so...what he is is an insecure bully who thinks those things are going to effect me, effect us. And it just doesn't."

Then, after a clip of hypocritical (and so dumb he doesn't even know it) Francesa telling the show to 'get some new material' - Esiason added, "Talking about new material!" before Gio, as Francesa, killed him for the laziness and staleness of his show.

All ending with the dagger: "...I'm the opposite of what he is. A guy like Mike you would think a guy like me would look up to and say 'I want to follow in his footsteps and that's a mentor and he's done it this way that I want to follow...' He's shown me the path I need to go is the opposite of his path. I never want to be the person who has had all the success, all the money that he's made and be as miserable as he is. Insecure, narcissistic, and miserable. And that's what he is. Narcissism driven by all his insecurities."


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