Gregg Giannotti need to keep RA Dickey out his mouth

2012 NY Mets ace R.A. Dickey went 20-6, 230Ks, and 1.053 -- winning the Cy Young and later being flipped for Noah Syndergaard. WFAN's Gregg Giannotti has a problem with that in light of Jacob deGrom becoming the team's 4th ever Cy Young Award winner yesterday.

"We need to get R.A. Dickey out of there, it doesn't sound right. He had a great season, it was great at the time, but now you look back at it - Seaver, Gooden, deGrom / DICKEY in there? You're just like, ugggh. That Dickey year was just a weird year."

Boomer Esiason replied, "At the end of the day Dickey not only got the Cy Young it also got us Syndergaard and all that other stuff."

To which NY's #4 Gio added, "He's been great, pfffst! Come on, Noah Syndergaard has been a total underachiever."

Interestingly both the 2012 & 2018 NYM also finished 4th -- the 2012 team scoring 26 fewer runs than the 2018 mess.

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