Stunning: The ground looks like it's breathing in this Quebec forest

“The ground looks like it’s breathing in this Quebec forest,” wrote Twitter user Daniel Holland with a short clip he tweeted. He’s not the only one who was stunned by the bizarre movement of the ground in a Canadian forest. The clip of the ‘breathing forest’ has gone viral on social media, leaving many confused and terrified. However, according to a Forbes report, the clip that was shot in Sacre-Coeur – a province in the Quebec region – is merely an illusion created by air.

According to the Forbes report, the strong winds play a role in moving the trees as well as the topsoil. When there’s a storm, the ground becomes saturated with water, which reduces the soil’s cohesion. As the strong winds move, the force is transferred to the stem, the roots and then the ground begins to move. Hence, the force of the wind creates the movement.


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