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The inevitable Sid Rosenberg v Gregg Giannotti follow up 'fight'

Sid Rosenberg entered the latest WFAN feud. Tweeted:

Mike Francesa lashes out at WFAN's 'Boomer & Gio' in angry rant This time he’s right:) More and more switching over to us ⁦⁩ everyday.

Gregg Giannotti responded:

This is a lie. You guys finished 26th last week with a 0.4. Nice try though.

And Sid replied.

Sid continued:

I was your friend. Now you think you’re big shit cause you’re in a seat where a monkey can get ratings. Has little to do with talent. Show some respect. Like you did years ago before you stepped into your seat.
Don’t ever compare yourself to me. Ratings or not you’ve got a long way to go. Boomer would cut off his left but to have me cone host that show tomorrow. Good luck pal.

Enjoy both of these guys. The biggest problem is any time we switch over to Bernie and Sid for a taste (like during the every hour not needed updates)...77 WABC is in commercial break!

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