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WFAN ratings tanked in November (2018)

At the end of the day endless updates, a tired Mike Francesa, ESL CMB and tired juvenile sound drops did not serve WFAN well in November...and all that other stuff.

WFAN November rating 3.7 (4.7 October) cume 1,391,000 (1,867,700)
WEPN November rating 1.8 (1.7 November) cume 1,007,000 (1,011,800)

For the little that it's worth - Michael Kay's boring show tied Francesa's tired show. Boomer & Gio plus the Terrible Trio are both #2s (with TT beating fat Mike and big head numbers wise) while the Perv and the Twerp are #3s in their respective time slots.

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