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CNBC's top-10 biggest biatches

CNBC trots the same old 'experts' out there every day - none getting anything right before or after market events. Lather, Rinse, Repeat. So it now seems like they've trotted CNBC talent and 'contributors' out there - one more bitchy than the last.

Here are CNBC's top 10 biggest bitches:
  • John Harwood - snitty little anti-Trump comments accompany every report
  • Andrew Ross Sorkin - maybe more whiny than bitchy but, good god
  • Scott Wapner - yelling, cutting off other contributors makes for bad lunchtime TV
  • Josh Brown - Wapner gets him going..."Can I finish my point?!"
  • Melissa Lee - yelling, cutting off other contributors makes for bad supper time TV. Also does it as a fill in at any time of the day. Made worse by her head bobbing 'Yes Yes Yes' when someone from the network she won't cut off, say dry mouthed Steve Liesman, is going on and on and on with a point.
  • Brian Kelly - another screaming whiner: Bitcoin! Not Bitcon's bottom. Bitcoin! Bitcoin will rebound. Bitcoin.
  • Kelly Evans - another cut off others with that tongue of hers
  • Tim Seymour - Right up there with the worst of them
  • Sara Eisen - good lord is there anyone who should never be allowed anywhere near a guest like Sara Eisen? Constantly cutting off contributors that aren't Wilf and usually to parrot some obvious BS in an attempt to look smarter than she really is. Awful.
  • Jim Cramer - fellator, not interviewer...
  • Oh, and -- apparently he can't pick stocks all that well either.
  • Dan Nathan -- was there any question? Studio tough guy...

Hey CNBC? Keep a running tab on all your contributors picks and you're going to see nil to track the index performances.

That said, there are some top performers over at CNBC.

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