Gregg Giannotti slammed by listeners after a year at WFAN

WFAN listeners slammed morning host Gregg Giannotti on the popular Facebook 'WFAN message board' page Thursday. Michael Kagan got the conversation going with, 'Gio = Jealous little bitch.'

Whoa, the escalated quickly. But then others piled on. Pat Rudy added, "No boomer today shows how truly awful he is. Unlistenable." Then as the Deontay Wilder interview unfolded, comments included: "This interview is painful to listen to." and "I normally DVR them. As soon as I seen no Boomer is cut it off. He’s so awful."

Richard Rhoades concluded, "You (Kagan) are right on with this comment...he is critical to everything and prediction is that he will end up being hated worse then Craig...." Kagan replied, "He is definitely headed in that direction." And Chris Albano panned, "Shawt on ability. Ughkay."

It is quite well known that we are long term Gio fans who called for WFAN to hire him when Craig Carton exited. We also cut the DVR off as soon as we see that there is no Esiason -- but that's because it means that 20 year update guy Jerry Recco may be filling in with the guy who he couldn't beat out for the job. And that says a lot because at the end of the day we don't like two sizes too small shirt wearing Esiason driving the show and all that other stuff. We wrote earlier this year:

Boomer & Carton was the #1 morning sports talk show in America for a decade because Craig Carton ran the show and Boomer Esiason chimed in with news making sound bites. Now, despite Gregg Giannotti's breadth AND depth of knowledge...Esiason is running the show.

And not well.

Al Dukes has no clue what to do. Neither does Mark Chernoff. (Jesus, the latter hired Bart Scott and Maggie Gray...the former produced Ron & Fez.) The superfluous Jerry Recco 20 minute updates that should be top of the hour 1 minute blurbs.

Eight months later it's still the same thing. Only a bit worse. Eddie Scozzare has gone over the top with the soundbites. They're no longer clever and they no longer compliment - they interfere. (Think Eli Manning. Think YET ANOTHER stupid hockey song.) And not only do they interfere - 90% of them are sexual in nature. The woman suing Joe Benigno, WFAN, CBS, Entercom etc. need simply play Tuesday's Boomer & Gio show in court and the Animal House environment could be confirmed. Not to mention they brought this Sal Licata back. (Another no talent producer who should be...producing.)

Interesting thing is one of the current Boomer & Gio staff told us, "The funny thing about Scozzare is that he keeps all that sound in a system only he knows. Well, 80% of it anyway. And he feels that that protects him from ever getting let go." Interesting thing, actually, not that he does that but that they let him do that. Another indication that there is absolutely no management going on. On air talent likes to critique local sports personalities all along no one at their own jobs critique them outside of looking at ratings. How many professional speakers at WFAN cannot speak clear English? One, two three four, five? Exactly.

The last issue we've written about that has not changed is the discussions of the guys' personal lives. 5% of the show, folks care about them. 25%? Stop. No one cares that much about the cost of your weddings, health issues, etc.

So now folks are turning on Gregg Giannotti. We'd agree that the amount of impersonations he does today is too many. Because they're good when they compliment, not when they interfere...but the tension between Boomer & Gio was/is palpable because Boomer Esiason still, poorly, drives this show. And Gio knows he has to get his bits in when he can.

At the end of the day that needs to flip. Still.

Gio needs to drive the show. That way his bits would flow naturally, and all that other stuff. Because while more listeners are tuning in than were say, last March, the show still suffers and is not pleasant to listen to for the four plus hours. And that could easily be tweaked.

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