No, really -- Boomer Esiason is wearing a 2 sizes too small 'HUMBLE & HUNGRY' sweatshirt

There's obviously no one in Boomer Esiaon's life who will let him know when he's orange or when he's misspeaking now that Craig Carton isn't around (IT'S COULDN'T CARE LESS, BOOMER!). Why else, at the end of the day, would they let him keep dropping 'and all that other stuff' to the annoyance of all WFAN's listeners?

"Let's face it, some people have a way with words other people, uh...ohh not have way." (Ironic, isn't it? Ironic?! YES!)

Worse for the chronic misspeaker is when he has enough time to think he says PROcess instead of process. Yet he says process when he doesn't have the lead time so one knows it's not part of his normal limited vocabulary.

But the absolutely most ridiculous aspect of Boomer Esiason? Using that stupid term 'NARP' ... all the while wearing two sizes too small shirts. And just when you thought it couldn't get any worse? He's sporting his trademarked Dunlop (his belly done lop over his belt) shirt today -- with 'HUMBLE & HUNGRY' stamped on it!

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