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UBS Group AG's Vinay Pande just embarrassed CNBC's interrupting Sara Eisen

Vinay Pande, head of trading strategies for the wealth management unit at UBS Group AG, has not met two economists who agree on the impact of Quantitative easing (QE). CNBC's interrupting with bullet point, uh, points Sara Eisen, interrupting, added, "Everybody agrees that it propped up the stock market."

Pande, "No."

Dumbfounded Eisen, "No?"

Michael Santoli felt the need to jump in and soothe the butt hurt Eisen by stating that former Fed Chairman Ben Bernake, the 'brains' behind QE, spoke about the wealth effect (wrote op eds too).

Snot nosed Sara, slack-jawed, squinty eyed, and dumbfounded, replied, 'Yeahhhh...' while looking back at Pande.

A) The wealth effect is not the same as agreeing that everyone agrees on the stock market propping but nice try, Santoli. And, B) Jeff Snider correctly summed up in 'Wealth Effect' never existed that, well, IT never existed either, "The last nearly decade has disproved so many orthodox myths, yet they persist in the media and in econometrics because statistical mathematics is given the same deference as if it was actual science. It isn’t. The failure of the “wealth effect” is but another in a long list of irrefutable evidence that they really don’t know what they are doing. But “we” let them continue to do it anyway."

CNBC continues to allow 'them' to interrupt with bullet point type questions. (i.e. see: Mush mouth Kelly Evans.)

Oh boy, Sara Eisen just did it again.

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