Al Dukes mocks Mike Francesa's consistent losses to Lite FM

Al Dukes, at the helm of WFAN's Morning Show's precipitous drop listener wise sans Craig Carton this year, decides to mock Mike Francesa's distant finishes behind the likes of WLTW and WCBS (right after Gregg Giannotti mocked old people over the death of Captain & Tennille's Daryl Dragon).

Later, guffawing Jerry Recco in yet another unnecessary and not entertaining update, thought it funny to mock the Sammy Hagar / Bill Clinton meme that's going around.

Yes, this Jerry Recco. Looking just like GLH wearing Murr from Impractical Jokers.

wfan jerry recco

In a related note - At the end of the day someone at WFAN needs to tell Gregg Giannotti that impersonations do not work when they're done every single hour.

And adding screaming and all that other stuff is not a good move either...

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