Bernie & Sid warn Boomer & Gio that fisticuffs could take place on radio row over gambling mockery

Monday in Atlanta at Illegitimate Super Bowl 53 while Boomer Esiason and Gregg Giannotti were discussing illegal gambling on the game, Eddie Scozzare dropped yet another Sid Rosenberg 'Spectacular!' soundbite -- much to Gio's amusement.

We wrote at the time that there might be repercussions as Sid and Bernard McGuirk were also going to be in Atlanta this week.

Craig Schawb (WABC's program director) warned Bernie & Sid on their way down NOT to engage in any physical fights with Boomer or 'lightweight, minor league, thinks he's big because he's with Esiason, dickhead Gregg Giannotti.'

Bernie and Sid wouldn't agree to such terms.

That is just spectacular.

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