Disrespectful Gregg Giannotti treating Isles Devils call like its a major inconvenience

WFAN's Boomer Esiason and Gregg Giannotti are participating in yet another bush league promotion - calling the New York Islanders / New Jersey Devils game on February 7th in Newark. Already minor league bullshit (having morning show boobs broadcast the game between rivals), Giannotti is treating it like it is not even an important NHL NYI game - going as far as to state today that he hasn't even started to prepare for what is the hardest call in all 4 of the major sports.

"I haven't really done much, in the form of prep, to this point," he stated.

2 weeks out.

Already a major disappointment to those around him at WFAN with the endless personal talk and incessant impersonations he's not lazily disrespecting the game.

Fits right in at WFAN...

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