Fat Afta Dis: Mike Francesa "Brady & Belichick were 8-0 at home in the Divisional round"

Tom Brady played in his 14th Divisional Playoff Game passing Jerry Rice for the most Divisional Playoff Game appearances yesterday. The destruction of the Chargers means Brady has reached his 12th AFC Championship Game -- the most in NFL history. His 14 Divisional Playoff game appearances come with only two losses: 2005 to the Denver Broncos and...2010 to the NY Jets, at home.

So of course Mike Francesa had he and coach Belichick 8-0 at home in the divisional round.

Yeah, local sports talk show host forgets the 2010 NY Jets upset of the Pats.

Fat afta dis - he picked the Chargers to boot because of their defense and the fading Patriots offense.

Colts +5.5
Rams -7
Chargers +4
Saints -8

That'd be 1-3. Combined with last week's 1-3 the fat slob is 2-6.

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