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Ghostery / Chrome 71 fix

A Ghostery / Chrome 72 fix is apparently on its way.

A recent change on Chrome’s end caused a break down in extension behavior within Chrome not just for Ghostery but other extension companies as well. The major issues that were noticed were as follows:

• Full screen feature unavailable in streaming platforms
• Middle click new tab showed “pop up blocked” error
• Attaching files or uploading images not functioning in Gmail, Twitter and other sites.

Chrome has taken responsibility for this bug and their response can be viewed here.

The issue showed up for many users on 01/10/19 and in response Chrome released a hot fix. It may take some time for all Chrome users to see the affect. Chrome has also advised that you may have to restart your browser.

We just went to Help, About Google Chrome and then restarted the browser. Restarted Ghostery's working.

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