Idiot Mike Francesa would not shut up as Kim Jones told the story of her near death aortic dissection experience

mike francesa heart attack
Shut the hell up you fat pig and get me another Pepsi.

Kim Jones joined idiot Mike Francesa yesterday to talk about her aortic dissection experience. 80% who go through one, die. (John Ritter for instance.)

Fat slob Francesa would not stop cutting her off with charming remarks like, "Boom, you're dead."

Hand pat at 3:08 and then Francesa, who once did ads for Princeton Longevity Center's Vascular and Heart Scans, said he'd never had any heart tests until just recently as the obese talker developed high blood pressure.

"Kim, did you get depressed and stuff like that?"

No Mike, not until right here right now in Atlanta.

Ask Mike Francesa how to donate to the 'Mike Francesa Champions of the Heart Fund.'

The very next day the disgusting Francesa painted himself as a trailblazing black quarterback Warren Moon.

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