Senior WFAN message board members call on Entercom to fire Jerry Recco & Gregg Giannotti

New York, NY -- Senior WFAN message board members are calling on Entercom to fire Jerry Recco and Gregg Giannotti...and hire Craig Carton from his place of incarceration.

No, really.

Ed Shananan: This morning show is the absolute worst someone get rid of Jerry Recco.

Michael Nissenfeld: I take it Romper Room is in session.

Jim Neubig: And maybe Boomer Esiason can act like the Sunday Boomer that wears a 3K suit and talks football and not poop jokes.

Robin Klein: The Today show is looking better and better. Had them on for a couple of minutes and turned it off. The comments here validate my decision.

Richard Rhoades: Their rating must still be up as Mark Chernoff refuses to give the show a facelift..I think Boomer is talked out since CC left and is trying to keep the show a comedy which it falls flat on...with the 6 o'clock hr. they get to us first in the morning and should be fresh with headlines..however they continue to beat the same old drum...unwatchable...

Vinny Soriano: Jerk$ff Chernoff will never make a change unless he has to like if someone was leaving. That’s been his MO and just like he did years ago at K-Rock another station he ran into the ground.

Richard Schultz: It is unwatchable as people claim, switch the radio dial!

Joseph Anthony: Recco is a complete abomination.

Jeff Calvert: Good guy/bad guy, Carton was very entertaining. Did anyone think it would stay the same? Gio isn't terrible but the show could use a lift. Tough shoes to fill.

Pat Rudy: Remove Gio and let Carton do it from the Pen.

Andrew Tarrantino: Gio has some good impersonations.

Pat Rudy: He impersonates a sports talk show host daily...but poorly.

Michael Kagan: He isn't Frank Caliendo and no one wants him to be.

Tarrantino: He does Fat Mike and Joe B real well.

Kagan: So let him work at Caroline's

We were completely wrong on the pairing of Gregg Giannotti with Boomer Esiason. Our fault. We should have known that given Chernoff's propensity to not make shows change, coupled with the do nothing namby-pamby call screener Al Dukes, problems would not be addressed.

This morning's first hour summed up everything that is wrong with Boomer and Gio: Esiason, while going to his stupid NARP line, misspeaking and overusing 'at the end of the day' and 'all that other stuff' and 'Ya know?' because he is a retired athlete who needs to work but yet he doesn't have the grasp of the English language that should be a prerequisite for any professional speaking job. The duo spent 33% of the hour talking about personal stuff. No one cares about their personal lives that much. They care. They care let's say 10%. Not 33%. Yet they incessantly talk weddings, boats, kids, weekends, food, family, etc.

Of course the first hour contained yet another Gio impersonation. Gio has some great impersonations. But when they're done every day and often every hour, they're horrendous on the ears. Kagan is right - go work at Caroline's. It's a morning show and you want comedy and you want it light but Jesus H. Christ you don't want that much repetition. And for that matter go get some sources. When Gregg Giannotti says he 'thinks' or that he 'feels' it's exactly the same way all of the WFAN hosts besides the aforementioned Esiason do. i.e., he really means it. He has no sources. Those lines really are just his thoughts and feelings.

The moronic nobody cares about hockey songs were tired the 2nd time they were played. Eddie Scozzare plays them almost every day. He played them today. They were used in ads to boot.

Then there was the aforementioned guffawing Jerry Recco. 20 years in and still an update boy. And while there's a reason coworkers refer to his failure to thrive as "that's just Jerry" (just what one wants to be known for 20 years in) -- we will give him this - he's cut the bangs and he really has stopped some of the laughing.  But when your producer is Al Dukes and Mark Chernoff is your big boss -- things will remain too much the same. Go ask Mike Francesa the definition of inertia. Take his definition and flip it. That's the problem with WFAN and why senior WFAN message board members call on Entercom to fire Recco and Giannotti.

Even when they suck. They couldn't care less.

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