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WFAN's Gregg Giannotti again slammed by listeners who cry through Boomer's laughter

Last month we sampled the WFAN message board as Gregg Giannotti was slammed by listeners after a year at the station. Another month in the books and at the end of the day Gio just hasn't learned, and all that other stuff.

Here we go.

Pat Rudy: I haven’t listened in weeks. Just couldn’t take the dumpster fire that Gio has turned the show into. Another day Gio tanks the show. Get this stooge out of here with Bowels. Gio brings absolutely zero to the show. His impressions are corny and old. I used to DVR and watch the show and listen to it during the course of the day. I can barely listen to the first 10 minutes with this stooge.


Rich Vigada: The show is unlistenable. When Carton gets out of prison bring him back, only way I’ll listen.

Jim Neubig: Boomer acts all prim and proper on Sundays on tv in a $3,000 suit then makes fart jokes and makes fun of people on weekdays. Which is the real Boomer? And Gio? He's like a 5 yr old when people start laughing he keeps it going. Can’t stand him.

Rob Tulley: A guy named Norman making fun of ppls names...

Dennis Molfese on Gio's incessant impersonations: If all you can do is make fun of others what does that say about your talent level?

Bob Garippa: ...& the more Boomer giggles like a child, Gio keeps up with the lame impression.

Bill Porricelli: Gio isn’t a comedian and he’s not an authority on sports. So why was he selected? Another bad move by Chernoff. Chernoff is the Mike Mccagnan of sports talk radio execs. Why is Chernoff still there????

Dave Hanisch: He's a wanna be Craig. Trying to keep the laughter up but is terrible. The quality has gone down especially since Gio has zero sports knowledge. He just goes with the popular vote and tries to convince the audience that he's legit. Sad to see Boomer has dropped down to Gio level.

Gilbert Gioia nails it: "Whole show is way OLD..."

This is what happens when you have a do nothing producer like the epicene Al Dukes. Nothing is ever improved because he is nothing more than a glorified call screener. Hell, the fact that they didn't change the 'stay classy' close to differentiate from Craig's close speaks volumes. So in the same way Giannotti isn't tweaked, no one reins in someone like the talented Eddie Scozzare. The same soundrops over and over again are as tedious as hourly updates. (All the while he keeps his desktop filled with hard to follow folders in an attempt to make his job harder to replace.) Amazing that there is no one in Boomer Esiason's family to tell him, now that he no longer says 'could care less,' that saying 'at the end of the day' and 'all that other stuff' every two minutes is a giveaway to not changing either. And the fake laughing while Gio does yet another impersonation is a carry over from how he acted when Carton would go to far with a bit.

Listen, at the end of the day, it's still the best of the station and the best of the New York sports talk scene. And that says a lot and all that other stuff. It's called settling. And the disrespectful Giannotti treating his Isles Devils call like its a major inconvenience is disgraceful.

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