Classic Boomer Esiason appearance on Opie & Anthony (circa 2010)

Back in 2012 Anthony Cumia relayed the story of HS bully Boomer Esiason farting in classmates faces and beating Anthony up in high school. Then, in 2003, he told Nick Dipaolo (who was heading to the Boomer & Carton show) to deliver a message to Boomer: "TELL FUCKING NORMAN ESIASON THAT ANTHONY FROM TIMBER POINT ELEMENTARY SAID HI!" (He then retold the story of their brawl...with one extra gem -- Boomer didn't stomp him when he was down because "he's a white guy.") An hour later Nick was on Boomer & Carton and the discussions continued.

Here's the only known Esiason appearance on Opie and Anthony which we're pegging as circa 2010.

Sitting in our inbox is audio from Opie and Anthony in 2008 talking teams that bring players that are past their prime in and one Boomer Esiason comes up. Try to have that for you later.

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