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If Gregg Giannoti is the worst NBA 'analyst' then Boomer Esiason is a close 2nd

The Dallas Mavericks have agreed to a trade with New York Knicks for ironman Kristaps Porzingis. We've always despised the always hurt no defense playing prick. So did Craig Carton and, for the most part, so did Boomer Esiason. Gregg Giannotti? He's one of those who just couldn't wait for the bum to get back. Often praising him as a superstar Gio even went as far a year ago (almost to the day) to defend Porzingis against accusations he had pushed himself into a closed door coaches meeting. Accusations Gio, who has absolutely no sources, could not have any clue about. And then this morning, speaking of those who had propped Porzingis up as a superstar, Giannotti made like he wasn't one of them, "Those props were unfounded." he said. Based on very little.

A year ago was more fun.

[WFAN Lost Tapes]

Esiason this morning was very excited. Why? Because the 2019 NY Knicks had been blown up. "Exactly what they need to do," Esiason proclaimed. So that they (the Knicks) can go out and get these magical free agents.

Curiously the astute NBA analyst Esiason said the very same thing FOUR YEARS AGO.

Then fast forward from 2015 to 2017. That version of this shit franchise started THAT “rebuilding” season with three straight losses before rebounding with three straight wins. Boomer, who interestingly was joined by Gregg Giannotti that day, was grinning ear to ear after staying up to watch Kristaps Porzingis, whom they compared with Aaron Judge, dominate on both ends of the floor.

WFAN made the tapes disappear.

*Update - we've acquired the tapes.

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