Joe Benigno & CBS have added yet another attorney to the sexual harassment defense team

The Hon. Pamela L. Fisher has approved yet another attorney, Michael L. Banks, to represent Entercom Communications Corp., CBS Radio Inc., CBS Radio East, LLC (incorrectly named in the Complaint as "CBS Sports Radio"), Joseph Benigno, Sean Argaman and Mark Zukerman (collectively, "Defendants") in the Lauren Lockwood - v. - CBS Radio Inc. proceedings.

That brings to three, joining Chelsea L. Conanan & Blair J. Robinson, attorneys of record for CBS.

Last year Jerry Recco and Gregg Giannotti confirmed CBS sex harass suit allegations that Benigno 'could never be found' during Joe & Evan breaks. That was denied by attorneys in the Defendants' Verified Answer And Defenses.

And that should make Giannotti witness #1 for the plaintiff. Recco #2.

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