Trenton (NJ) Police source & 'ShotSpotter technology' indicate woman may not have bet Rams in Super Bowl

Trenton, NJ -- A Police source & 'ShotSpotter technology' indicate a city woman may not have bet on the LA Rams in Super Bowl 53.

Super Shooting: A woman who suffered a gunshot wound to her leg Tuesday night told police she lost a Super Bowl LIII bet and was shot because she didn’t have the money. The woman told cops she bet against the Patriots and owed a man named “Lex” $250. Lex lured her downtown around 9:30 p.m., the woman said, and shot her. The woman said Lex told her to meet him near the intersection of State and Warren streets so he could “have a couple beers” with her. The woman said she took a bus to that location and met Lex who eventually asked whether she had his money. When she replied “no,” the woman said, Lex pulled out a gun and shot her in the leg. The woman suffered a graze wound, but was taken to the hospital by a citizen.

Now...wait for it:

Police did not locate any shell casings or other evidence of a shooting downtown, nor did the city’s ShotSpotter technology detect gunfire in that area, leading some cops to believe the woman may not be telling the truth about what happened. “Who in the world bets $250 against Brady in the Super Bowl when the spread is only three points,” a police source questioned. “This shooting could’ve been self-inflicted, or it happened in a house or car somewhere.”

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