WFAN Source: Gregg Giannotti is the biggest phony in sports talk radio

We've been writing for a while now that when WFAN's Gregg Giannotti says he 'thinks' or that he 'feels' - it's exactly like when Joe Benigno does. It is a think or a feel because he has acquired absolutely no sources.

This morning while he and Boomer Esiason created revisionist history for themselves when it came to hyping Kristaps Porzingis - we pointed out that Boomer & Gio once referred to Porzingis as the Aaron Judge of NY basketball only to have WFAN make the tapes disappear. Giannotti was one of those who just couldn't wait for Kristaps to get back -- often praising him as a superstar. Gio even went as far a year ago (almost to the day) as to defend Porzingis against accusations that he had pushed himself into a closed door coaches meeting. Accusations Gio, who as mentioned has absolutely no sources, could not have any clue about.

And then this morning, speaking of those who had propped Porzingis up as a top NBA superstar, Giannotti made like he wasn't one of them. Never called him 'the most exciting thing in NY sports.'  Never said 'there's no one in basketball who can do everything that he can.' Never agreed excitedly with Esiason calling Kristaps one of the greatest players in basketball with a 'not a doubt and he's extremely young. He's only going to get better!'

Well we've acquired those tapes. A WFAN source forwarded along the audio from 2017 along with the note: Boomer & Gio this morning making like THEY weren't driving forces behind the bullshit that was calling KP the Unicorn? You guys (Bob's Blitz and Craig Carton) were the 2 vocal pieces here who continuously painted him as a vastly overrated had done nothing NY ballplayer. Giannotti is a lot lazier than we were lead to believe. Here he is this morning killing those who pumped Porzingis up.....while he and Boomer led the pack!

Ah, this is sweet.

Embarrassing. Without a doubt. Without a doubt. And exactly what members of the WFAN Message Board have been saying for months now.

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