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WFAN source: No one credits their sources since Craig Carton left

Phil Mushnick once referred to WFAN's mid day show this way, "WFAN's childish, growthless, lift-from-the-newspapers, simplistic reactionaries, Joe Benigno and Evan Roberts..."

And today a WFAN source pretty much says the same thing about Gregg Giannotti.

I know you still listen to Boomer & Gio. Pay attention. Since Craig left no one credits their sources. Giannotti is the absolute worst. Seriously pay attention. Gio will several times a week to several times a day talk about a story that is directly out of the NY Post. And he never ever ever says in today's NY Post or whatever.

Yes. We had noticed that. It's bush league.

We also noted that after WFAN Source: Gregg Giannotti is the biggest phony in sports talk radio came out, Gio didn't mention it but he did start to hedge his KP comments post post by saying, "And I also thought he was going to be a superstar before the injury." Phony Esiason instead doubled down and even told a caller who said everyone called KP a superstar, "I didn't."

At the end of the day Boomer is just another phony as well. One who hates Joe Montana because he has to get up at 4AM every day to repeat the same crap year over year. Four years ago 'the Knicks did the right thing by blowing it all up to get FAs in here' according to Boomer Esiason. Said exactly the same thing Monday.

One last thing (besides the fact that JJ After Dark's incessant ads for what sounds like point sped would drive one from ever trusting them) -- we've also noticed that people care about 90% less about what Giannotti does than they did what Carton did.

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