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WFAN's Gregg Giannotti & Chris Carlin ripped to shreds by former listeners

WFAN fans never liked Chris Carlin. Gregg Giannotti is a recent target but he's gone downhill, fast.

Carlin put out some stupid video making the case for some of the MLB rule changes. Listeners, yes - non professional radio folk, wondered out loud why the hell WFAN would even allow something so stupid to be posted to social media. Al Dukes, who incredibly works in radio, decided it should be a part of the Boomer & Gio show.

And then some other moron posted it.

Fans were thrilled.
  • Carlin can't be away from the refrigerator for 9 innings.
  • Stephen Bourtin: "Gianotti has just been churning out endless impressions of everyone at the station. It's become so tedious and most are not even very good or funny."
  • John Ray: "Giannoti “crow bars” his impressions into every segment.......even when the impressions aren’t any good. 😐. A Sylvester the Cat impression is not exactly Chris Carlin’s voice tone."
  • Shane Havlish: "Getting tired of Gio going overboard in's not well done and its tougher watching Boomer finding them bogus funny.....dumb."
  • Dennis Molfese: "Boomer must be sitting on a friggin feather."
  • OH MAN!...Giannoti has zero talent. His impressions sucks, my friends drinking beer in my garage are funnier than him. Can't believe WFAN picked this guy. He's an embarrassment.
  • Awais Mahmood: "Does Gio do anything else but impressions?" Which was answered with, "He agrees with Boomer." and "Is that what you call them?" and "Can't watch this show without Carton period."
  • Tom Black: "As bad as the other shows on the fan can be this one is the worst. No talent, no energy, no content."
  • Joe Signorino: "I can’t stand Gio he’s not even funny."
  • Anthony Peno: "Gio’s imitation of Chris is terrible! This segment is terrible!"
  • Carlin is so unlikable... I try to listen to him, but its impossible.
  • As I predicted the show went straight in the toilet without Carton.
  • I don’t see this show lasting very long. I bet it won’t be around in 5 years.
  • Tim Perry: "I agree Gio is no Craig! This show sucks now."
  • Sal Caggiano: "Gio is such a wannabee."
  • Mike Lofo: "Gio is so unfunny. Craig where are you??"
  • These guys are such clowns and losers. Not funny at all!
  • Teddy Corbin: "Do these two cunts ever talk about sports?"
  • David Swift: "Carlin is a fatty, Gio is a unfunny jerk. • Lousy Quality 😝"
And yet Gio was making fun of the Mets for 'firing' guys and then keeping them around training camp? Glass houses man, glass houses.

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