Boomer & Gio listeners rip Gregg Giannotti as a 'failed Craig Carton wannabe'

Recall recently a WFAN Boomer & Gio caller had phone issues and Gregg Giannotti went into a bit followed by Boomer Esiason trying the same? [Warning: It's that uncomfortable unfunny Gio again.]

Well, listeners weighed in.

Thomas Mc - Gio was trying to be Craig.. didn’t work.

Jaime - Imagine liking Carton more than Gio.

Sean Martin - A lot of shit talking about the callers. Pretty funny considering these guys have the easiest job on the planet. Talk about sports for a living...

Jose Reyes - Some one point me to the clip where they talk about sports.

Uncle Elmer - Gio was too busy doing schtick to answer politely a question from a caller who had been very nice. Gio was acting badly toward a caller. The fact is that Jay Gruden will not be coaching Josh Rosen as it has been confirmed that Washington is getting another well known QB--Case Keenum. But Gio is too busy acting like Craig too notice. Stop trying to be Howard Stern and Craig Carton and talk sports--is that asking too much???

David Swift - Gio is not funny, and this reinforces the crap they spew...

Jimmy McNamara - I listened to this show for years. When gio stepped in I honestly tried to listen but I find him to be kind of a jerk and not funny.

Dennis Molfese - Go back to your hole in Bellport...No talent...

Today thin skinned Gregg Giannotti said if the Giants move up to draft Kyler Murray, he'll celebrate every day. Funny coming from a guy who hadn't said the name 'Kyler Murray' before 8 days ago that he's that all in.

And now? Gregg Giannotti called Le'Veon Bell an idiot while Boomer Esiason guffawed like a buffoon.

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