Comical: Boomer & Gio to interview 'out of control' CBS Sportsline gambler Kelly Stewart

'Sports Handicapper' Kelly Stewart will join ratings deprived Boomer & Gio today. Yesterday the CBS Sportsline gambler, promoting her fugazi Showtime docu on...gambling, told...CBS that she's banned in some casinos.

“I’m not allowed to bet at a couple of the casinos anymore,” Stewart said. “They don’t like people that win. That’s pretty well-known. People start getting cut off, and they want to know why. If you’re well-connected in the industry and you can beat the line on a regular basis, if you just generally can beat them, they don’t want you.”

“I got a little out of control,” she said. “I had to reel myself back in, which is something I try to always teach people. Money management is really important. You have to go broke, I fully believe it, to really learn. Not broke-broke – but you have to scare yourself a little. You’re going to have those roller-coaster rides."

Gambling addiction...A chronic illness Boomer Esiason has never had a problem mocking so...this should be so enlightening.

After Stewart? Boomer & Gio will have Brooklyn Nets CEO Brett Yormark. Esiason and Giannotti are sure to ask Yormark why he didn't stand up for his buddy Craig Carton.

Sure to ask.

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