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Fail: NY Post flubs article mocking NY Daily News flubbing headline

Anyone who reads the NY Post cover to cover daily knows one will find at least half a dozen typos per copy. So it was quite interesting to find Keith J. Kelly spending 11 paragraphs mocking the NY Daily News copy editors this morning in, 'Troubled Daily News flubs Ichiro headline and caption.'

Kelly wrote:

The Daily News went down swinging on Thursday when its latest headline blooper concerned baseball superstar Ichiro Suzuki, who played his final two games for the Seattle Mariners in his native Japan. He went 0-for- 5 in two games while Domingo Santana hit a grand slam in Wednesday’s 9-7 victory over the Oakland A’s.

But you would not know that from the Daily News headline in sports, which proclaimed “Ichiro blasts grand slam as MLB opens in Japan.”

The Associated Press article below the headline correctly tells the true result — if only one of the Chicago-based copy and design people had bothered to read it.

“Do they even pay editors and headline writers at that rag?” asked one reader.

Did you catch the first error? Digital missed that sweet looking '0-for- 5' line up there. Probably because they were too worried about removing the piece that appeared in the print copy that read, "Talk about an error. The sparely staffed Daily News sports department headline and photo caption on Thursday reported Seattle Mariners' superstar Ichiro Suzuki hit a grand slam in his second to last game in MOB. However, the AP story reported correctly it was Domingo Santana who propelled the Mariners to the victory with his big hit."

Yeah, that 'sparely' staffed NYDN sports department is no match for the NYP's fully staffed paper.

Staffed with what is the question.

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