Gregg Giannotti confirmed reports he's a thin skinned clown

Yesterday shortly before 7:00am we posted 'Source: Gregg Giannotti a thin skinned disappointment.' Almost on cue Gio took a call from a NY Giants fan upset with Giannotti's (correct) take that the NYG are the most boring team in the NFL. That caller also told him he missed Craig Carton.

How'd Gio react? He was flustered. He cut the caller (promising to let him speak again) off proclaiming all the way, "Do you think you taking shots at me bothers me?! It doesn't!"

It obviously did. Call screener (this dislike reflects on him as well) reacted by funneling 2 consecutive callers in who told Gio how much they enjoy him. He went on to funnel calls for the rest of the show with similar callers.

FF to 9:30 and Boomer & Gio took a call from someone who agreed with him that the Giants are boring. Excitedly Giannotti screamed, "See! That's what I'm saying!" The 'Do you think you taking shots at me bothers me?! It doesn't!' guy had just spent 4 hours proving that it does.

Yesterday afternoon we spoke to a man we know in the radio know. We relayed the above to him and his reply was, "Gregg Giannotti is drinking his own Kool Aid. He's peaked already. Early. And that is not good for anyone going forward."

gregg giannotti wfan clown

That Gregg Giannotti...he's a clown.

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