Mike Francesa talked his feud with Odell Beckham Jr. & then called OBJ's mother a liar

The NY Post screamed an hour ago, "Mike Francesa reveals what started his feud with Odell Beckham." Unfortunately everyone knew, almost three years ago to the day, the reason because we reported it: OBJ didn't show up for a Francesa hosted breakfast honoring him.

Apparently Mike decided he needs some more pub for his failing app and has chosen the aftermath of the Beckham trade to 'release' the news again. Unfortunately for Francesa his failing memory can't keep even purposely made up lies straight.

The Post writes, "Francesa went on to say that he later heard that Beckham’s mother informed the Giants the star receiver 'didn’t show up because they knew I was MC-ing it, which they didn’t.'"

Yeah, one problem calling OBJ's mom a liar Mike? They did know you were MC-ing it. The god damned posters for the event even had your name on it.

'Hosted by Mike Francesa' is right smack in the middle.

This ought to be fun.

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