Gregg Giannotti called Le'Veon Bell an idiot while Boomer Esiason guffawed like one

WFAN's Gregg Giannotti called NY Jets running back Le'Veon Bell an 'idiot' and a 'buffoon' early this morning after another Jerry Recco hack job of an interview the RB gave to SNY. Gio later went on to make inferences into Bell's intelligence by talking about how he was having trouble 'communicating' (code for stupid)...before he (Gio) tried to walk back his harsh words a little bit a few hours into the failing show.

Come on.

Was that the least bit funny? Explain then why Boomer Esiason was laughing like a friggin' buffoon during it? You can't - unless he is suffering from the Pseudobulbar affect (PBA) (emotional incontinence).

There is definitely something wrong with Boomer Esiason.

Something seriously, seriously wrong.

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