Attorneys in Joe Benigno lawsuit seek to add CBS Corporation to complaint & obtain evidence from WFAN

Attorneys for plaintiff Lauren Lockwood in the lawsuit against Joe Benigno filed papers yesterday seeking to add CBS Corporation to the complaint.

They also want Joe Benigno's complete personnel file and ANY evidence including video, pictures, audio or evidence supporting the plaintiff's charges that other WFAN employees may attest to.

Probably like when Jerry Recco & Gregg Giannotti confirmed CBS sex harass suit allegation that Joe Benigno 'could never be found' during Joe & Evan breaks.

Plaintiff claimed the following in her complaint:

121. To avoid Defendant BENIGNO, PLAINTIFF would have to leave her desk during his show’s commercial breaks. His producer would have to repeatedly call BENIGNO’s to get him back on air.

Defenses verified answer and defense?

121. Denied.


The complaint is amazing.

Quite a lengthy filing. Quite lengthy. And we'd expect Evan Roberts to join Recco and Giannotti on the stand.

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