Boomer and Gio is Unlistenable & Unwatchable

The Morning Show with Boomer & Gio is the lowest rated 6-10AM programming on WFAN in 2 decades.

For many reasons.

Boomer Esiason -- Boomer Esiason wakes up every morning hating Joe Montana. Imagine being that close and having to work 9 jobs as you turn 58 on Wednesday. You'd hate him too. (Did Esiason pay back the gambling money Craig Carton won for him?) A meathead who learned it isn't 'could care less' after we hammered him on it over and over again and former Captain Craig Carton finally exploded and corrected him on it - Boomer is a guy who does not have a way with words yet if he has enough lead time he'll still say PROcess instead of process. Not given the time it's plain ole regular process. It's also at the end of the day all that other stuff. No one in Esiason's life to help him drop the crutches? At the end of the day, no. He's also, along with Jerry Recco, a guffawing goon who finds Eddie Scozzare and Gregg Giannotti's bullcrap funny. Apparently.

Al Dukes -- This is a guy recycling old Craig Carton bits. (Again and again...) The glorified call screener does absolutely nothing to make the show better. It just keeps going along, repetitively, with the old becoming new again. Cup of Joe is now the asinine Paul Dottino garbage. The emasculated EP has no clue what he's doing.

Eddie Scozzare -- Once described by one of his co-workers here as 'keeping all those soundclips tightly in his own system as a method of job protection' -- Scozzare, the best in the business at matching drops to the actions of a show, is now tired, intrusive, and downright annoying. A show enhancement is now a complete show killer. Often drops are met with head shakes of annoyance instead of knowing smiles. Except to Esiason who seems to love the sexual innuendo.

Gregg Giannotti -- In a sea of sports talk diarrhea WFAN's thin skinned Giannotti may be the captain. Many, many months into the job and Gio still doesn't know what ironic means. But that doesn't stop him from hanging up on callers he deems stupid. He hasn't developed one source and his work consists of lazily reading the paper or even tweets so that he can proclaim that he's 'heard' things. This is a guy who thinks he's a stand up comedian playing to a different daily audience. He isn't. The unfunny and never unending impersonations? Much like Scozzare a show enhancement is now a complete show killer. To remaining listeners and co-workers as well. And all the while he'll find the time to critique players and coaches who should lose their jobs due to bad performances. Note to Gregg Giannotti - that contract extension won't be coming any time soon.

Jerry Recco -- He's been beaten to death. 20 year an update boy who couldn't grab the second spot on the marquee. Also doesn't know what ironic means. Guffaws over things absolutely no one else finds funny. Co-workers excuse him as 'that's just Jerry.' Updates in this day and age are not only unnecessary every single hour...they are yet another show enhancement that is now a complete show killer.

10 or so years in various forms on we stopped DVRing WFAN's Morning Show.

Update: WFAN's Boomer and Gio's winter book rating is 4.7 - good for EIGHTH in the morning.

Time for heads to roll.


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