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Boomer Esiason comments on Craig Carton's sentencing

At the end of the day, Boomer Esiason A) Turned down (along with Mark Chernoff) Craig Carton's request to come on Boomer and Gio B) Feels the 4.5 years Carton was sentenced to was fair and C) Wonders whether his letter helped out...

Interesting - Al Dukes has never had jury duty?

It would not be unusual for Carton at 3AM, 3 hours from hitting the air on WFAN at 6AM, to finish up at a table and run out of the casino carrying $500,000 cash as he rushed to a helicopter.

The helicopter would speed him to New York City and he'd get himself to 345 Hudson day in and day out to his $2,000,000 per year day gig as co-host of the decade long #1 rated WFAN morning show Boomer & Carton show.

Glad Friday's court session cleared that up for everyone. (Except, of course, for Dukes - who has no idea how victims get repaid.)

IMMEDIATELY after that segment, on WFAN's feed, John Jastremski's indiscernible ad for some gambling app.

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