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Boomer Esiason & Gregg Giannotti killed for punking out against Mike Francesa

We wrote early today, "Mike Francesa annihilating Boomer & Gio this morning with barely a whimper out of Esiason and thin skinned Giannotti, as we expected. ("I thought you didn't listen to our show," is not a strong comeback Booms.)" Adding:

Embarrassing. A) Gio punked out. Craig Carton never would have. B) Boomer giggled and added nada. C) Another day of unprepared Gio.

Even funnier than this exchange is that just moments before, asked if he enjoyed Frank Caliendo, Gio said, "In small doses." In SMALL DOSES? This is the guy, Caliendo, who everyone says goes on too much and Gio had patterned himself on him with 2 differences. A) Frank's better and B) Gio goes on WAY LONGER and way less as well.

Jeeze, where was this Gregg Giannotti? And big Boomer? He could have slept. He could have cut him off and said, "Good bye."

Got this instead

Well, fans were much harsher. Here's a sample:

Dan Arena: "Say what you want about Craig he would not have folded like Gio did."

Dark Demonik: "Gio is a joke and they are a laughing stock of the league Boomer and Gio are poop."

Dan in NJ 316: "That hack Gio probably had to change his pants during the next commercial break."

Dave Swift: "Fantastic, difficult to believe... but Pope almost came unglued. Nevertheless, he intimidated Gio. I don’t buy Mike’s bashing of the Giants to the extent he has, but enjoyed the hell out of this segment. • Enjoy Mike now, another retirement will be permanent."

Jedel A: "Mike just abused boomer and gio on their own show to become a huuuge story that will destroy kay in the ratings."

Charles Ingelton: "YOU DO YAW SHOW AND AWL DO MOYNE...OK!!!!" BTW, Gio looked like he was ready to cry 😥 I wish he would have called in when Craig was there!"

Ronin D: "About time Mike rip these guys a new one. Boomer likes to act like a nice guy but he has no class."

UU McAdams: "This proves 1 thing Francesa owns these guys they sat there and took it like bunch of new jacks."

Prince Purple: "Big knockout punches by the Pope at 0:51 and 4:15 to 4:32. Down goes Boomer! Down goes Gio! Wow, the old Pope made these two look like late night community college radio dweebs."

Capcom Fan: "Damn you guys got scolded by the king, pretty embarrassing actually. You guys just sat there and took the heat like you were 12 years old."

B Wayne: "Call Kay next Mike - lets go these guys were scared shitless ... Jerry was like wtf. Letssss gooooo Mike .... show sucks without Carton"

Ranger Pete: "I kinda lost a little bit of respect for Boomer. Mike told him to basically to shut up, and he did.... 0:53"

Andrew McDougle: "They completely folded to Mike!!!!"

Michael Rood: "Mike you're a laughingstock of radio now."

Another thing Craig Carton would NEVER have done?

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