Gregg Giannotti not shocked by Boomer Esiason's vulgarity

Last week Phil Mushnick's column had Linda McMahon as the Administrator of the Small Business Administration.

His column in the newspaper, anyway.

This week? He had Boomer Esiason calling Philly’s Rhys Hoskins a jerkoff - stunning Gregg Giannotti.

Only Boomer was calling Jacob Rhame, or perhaps Jerry Recco, a jerkoff. And it was the latter, not Giannotti, who was stunned.

Then there’s WFAN’s simulcast-delivered Boomer Esiason, “Weekday Boomer” as opposed to “Weekend Boomer,” the proper gentleman seen and heard on CBS’ NFL studio show.

Thursday, discussing the Mets’ dodge-ball hassle with the Phillies, he followed his now common classless, unfunny crude talk — words Weekend Boomer would never utter — by calling Philly’s Rhys Hoskins a vulgar phrase for masturbation.

Again, which is the phony, Weekday or Weekend Boomer? Both? Even his WFAN partner, Gregg Giannotti was shocked by Esiason’s vulgarity. So Esiason proudly, smugly, defiantly, childishly repeated it. What a champ.

And so the broadcast battle cry persists: Advance to the rear!

Reached for comment, Mushnick replied, "I know. It was Giannotti. By the way, who is Jerry Recco?"

Later, it was all forgotten as Mike Francesa went on another racist tirade.

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