Harris Allen has had enough of Gregg Giannotti too

The Morning Show with Boomer & Gio is the lowest rated 6-10AM programming on WFAN in 2 decades. New York's #8 has been lead into the abyss by Gregg Giannotti. When he's not defending the John side of sex trafficking, mocking a disease the impacts thousands of US Veterans, he's hanging up on callers for being 'stupid' or, not ironically, pointing out and ripping challenged athletes.

Overnight update anchor Harris Allen had had enough and joined Boomer Esiason & Gio to try to give Giannotti some advice. Stop it.

Calling for someone to be fired, cut, let go, etc. when you are on the same list is not only stupid it's...karma. Stevie Nines adds, "I wonder if anyone if the studio has the balls to tell Gio he's not Frank Caliendo." While David Smith adds, "Gio is neither funny nor insightful, Mr Pile-on, not worth the morning show."

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