Here's Mike Francesa annihilating Boomer & Gio this morning

Mike Francesa annihilating Boomer & Gio this morning with barely a whimper out of Esiason and thin skinned Giannotti, as we expected. ("I thought you didn't listen to our show," is not a strong comeback Booms.)

Embarrassing. A) Gio punked out. Craig Carton never would have. B) Boomer giggled and added nada. C) Another day of unprepared Gio.

Even funnier than this exchange is that just moments before, asked if he enjoyed Frank Caliendo, Gio said, "In small doses." In SMALL DOSES? This is the guy, Caliendo, who everyone says goes on too much and Gio had patterned himself on him with 2 differences. A) Frank's better and B) Gio goes on WAY LONGER and way less as well.

*Update -- Esiason & Giannotti killed for punking out against Mike Francesa.

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